Recorded Talks



Hanhee Paik Apr05 09:02

Sarah Sheldon Apr05 10:08

Christopher Wood Apr05 13:16

Sebastian Will Apr05 15:14



Javad Shabani Apr06 09:14

Andy Kent Apr06 10:04

Nick Bronn Apr06 10:47

Francis Alexander Chris Monroe Apr06 13:31

Vice Provost, Paul Horn

Panel Future of Quantum Information


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We would like to welcome you to the 1st annual Joint Quan-

tum Symposium held at New York University. This is a joint eort between

NYU, Columbia University and IBM to discuss materials, hardware, sys-

tems and software tools in quantum computing. The meeting is centered

on new developments in quantum information technology and relations to

other branches of science and engineering. This symposium is supported

by QClub to build a research network among the younger generation of

quantum researchers and to promote collaborations in New York area. We

kindly ask all participants to register. If you have not already registered,

please do so by sending an email to

Registration is free. Please see the schedule here.



Thursday April 5th, 2018

Friday April 6th, 2018



Physics Department,

Center for Quantum Phenomena,

726 Broadway,

New York, NY, 10003



Javad Shabani, New York University

Sebastian Will, Columbia University

Douglas McClure, IBM