May 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at Compound Semiconductor Week Conference at MIT, Boston, MA.

April 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at 6th International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism.

April 2018 – Javad organizes the first joint quantum symposium with Columbia and IBM, New York, NY.

March 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at New York Quantum Computing meetup, New York, NY.

March 2018 – Joe, Billy and Kaushini will present their work at American Physical Society (March meeting) in Los Angeles, CA.

January 2018 – MRS Bulletin – UK -US Science and Technology Agreement

January 2018 – Quantum Club Kick off! (

December 2017 – Joe receives prestigious Quantum Computing Graduate Research Fellowship program (QuaCGR)! Congrats!

December 2017 – Javad delivered an invited talk at UT Austin, Electrical Engineering Department, TX.

November 2017 – Joe presented his work at Materials Research Society (MRS), Boston, MA.

November 2017 – Javad co-organizing Materials Research Society symposium on emerging materials for quantum information, Boston, MA. (Scientific Program)

November 2017 – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced that it will award our lab to work on topological superconductivity and ways to manipulate these states for quantum computation.

October 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Majorana Fermions and Beyond workshop at Yale Quantum Institute, CT.

October 2017 – Kaushini and Tri presented their work at 33rd North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE 2017), Galveston, TX.

October 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Virginia Tech university, physics department colloquium, VA.

August 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at the International Conference on Modulated Semiconductor Structures, University Park, PA.

June 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Joint Quantum Institute, university of Maryland, MD.

June 2017 – Javad delivers our results at Army research office workshop, Cocoa Beach, FL.

June 2017 – Javad deliver lectures at DOE-NSF QS3 workshop ( at John Hopkins, Baltimore, MD.

April 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Quantum Revolution Workshop at NSF, Arlington, VA.

March 2017 – Joe (graduate) and Klea (undergraduate) present their work on epitaxial interface of semiconductor and superconductor at American Physical Society (March meeting) in New Orleans, LA.

March 2017 – Joe is awarded the travel/conference support from Graduate Center’s Doctoral Student Research Grant (DSRG).

March 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at applied physics and materials engineering department, Columbia university, NY.

March 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Laboratory of Physical Sciences, university of Maryland, MD.

Feb 2017 – Javad talks at Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics (FCMP) Lecture Series at Columbia university, NY.

Feb 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Arkansas university, physics department colloquium, AR.

Feb 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at New York university, Electrical Engineering department colloquium, NY.

Feb 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Wisconsin university, physics department, WI.

Jan 2017 – Our 2017 High School and Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (HSAP/URAP) proposal has been accepted. We will be a partner with Army educational outreach program:

Jan 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at New York university, physics department colloquium, NY.

Jan 2017 – Klea presents at APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, CUWiP at Princeton University, NJ.

Jan 2017 – Joe is selected to attend Fundamental of Quantum Materials Winter School, University of Maryland, MD.

Dec 2016 – Javad presents an invited talk at Frontiers in Topological Superconductivity (FTSC), HI.

Oct 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Texas A & M university, physics department colloquium, TX.

Sept 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at University of Missouri, physics department colloquium, MI.

Aug 2016 – Javad presents an invited talk at Spintronics IX, SPIE, CA.

July 2016 – Lab welcomes two high school students, Brandon and Isaac, part of HSMSE program.

June 2016 – Javad motivates our research work at Air Force Young Investigators Research (YIP) program annual meeting, VA.

May 2016 – The Army Research Office (ARO) announced that it will award our lab to work on epitaxial superconductor-InAs quantum materials/devices.

March 2016 – Jesse presents his work on InAs quantum wells at American Physical Society (March meeting) in Baltimore MD.

March 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at university of Connecticut, physics department colloquium, CT.

Feb 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Topological Quantum Matter: Progress and Applications, Aspen, CO.

Feb 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Purdue university, physics department colloquium, IN.

Feb 2016 – The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) announced that it will award our lab to work on superconductor-Si materials systems for quantum computation (Link)

Jan 2016 – Javad presents at Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (PCSI), Palm Springs, CA.

Jan 2016 – Javad presents at Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields (PPHMF), Tallahasse, FL.

Oct 2015 – Javad presents at National Molecular Beam Epitaxy Conference (NAMBE), Cancun, MX.

August 2015 – ShabaniLab starts.