Oct 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at Center for Functional NanoMaterials at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, NY.

Oct 2018 – Javad delivered a talk at North America Molecular Beam Epitaxy Conference (NAMBE) at Banff, Canada.

Sept 2018 – Billy presents at Q-Club, Physics Department, Columbia University, NY.

Sept 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at Penn State, Physics Department CAMP seminars, PA.

July 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at the workshop “New Trends in Topological Insulators (NTTI 2018)” and the “18th International Conference on Narrow Gap Systems (NGS18)” at the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

June 2018 – Javad presents a short course on Devices for Quantum Computing at 76th Device Research Conference, Santa Barbara, CA.

May 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at Compound Semiconductor Week Conference at MIT, Boston, MA.

April 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at 6th International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism.

April 2018 – Javad with Sebastian Will and Doug McClure organize the first joint quantum symposium NYU-Columbia-IBM, New York, NY.

March 2018 – Javad delivered an invited talk at New York Quantum Computing meetup, New York, NY.

March 2018 – Joe, Billy and Kaushini presented their work at American Physical Society (March meeting) in Los Angeles, CA.

January 2018 – MRS Bulletin – UK -US Science and Technology Agreement

January 2018 – Quantum Club Kick off! (http://shabanilab.com/nyaq-meetings/)

December 2017 – Joe receives prestigious Quantum Computing Graduate Research Fellowship program (QuaCGR)! Congrats!

December 2017 – Javad delivered an invited talk at UT Austin, Electrical Engineering Department, TX.

November 2017 – Joe presented his work at Materials Research Society (MRS), Boston, MA.

November 2017 – Javad co-organizing Materials Research Society symposium on emerging materials for quantum information, Boston, MA. (Scientific Program)

November 2017 – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced that it will award our lab to work on topological superconductivity and ways to manipulate these states for quantum computation.

October 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Majorana Fermions and Beyond workshop at Yale Quantum Institute, CT.

October 2017 – Kaushini and Tri presented their work at 33rd North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE 2017), Galveston, TX.

October 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Virginia Tech university, physics department colloquium, VA.

August 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at the International Conference on Modulated Semiconductor Structures, University Park, PA.

June 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Joint Quantum Institute, university of Maryland, MD.

June 2017 – Javad delivers our results at Army research office workshop, Cocoa Beach, FL.

June 2017 – Javad deliver lectures at DOE-NSF QS3 workshop (http://qs3.mit.edu) at John Hopkins, Baltimore, MD.

April 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Quantum Revolution Workshop at NSF, Arlington, VA.

March 2017 – Joe (graduate) and Klea (undergraduate) present their work on epitaxial interface of semiconductor and superconductor at American Physical Society (March meeting) in New Orleans, LA.

March 2017 – Joe is awarded the travel/conference support from Graduate Center’s Doctoral Student Research Grant (DSRG).

March 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at applied physics and materials engineering department, Columbia university, NY.

March 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Laboratory of Physical Sciences, university of Maryland, MD.

Feb 2017 – Javad talks at Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics (FCMP) Lecture Series at Columbia university, NY.

Feb 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Arkansas university, physics department colloquium, AR.

Feb 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at New York university, Electrical Engineering department colloquium, NY.

Feb 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Wisconsin university, physics department, WI.

Jan 2017 – Our 2017 High School and Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (HSAP/URAP) proposal has been accepted. We will be a partner with Army educational outreach program: http://www.usaeop.com/about/our-partners.

Jan 2017 – Javad delivers an invited talk at New York university, physics department colloquium, NY.

Jan 2017 – Klea presents at APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, CUWiP at Princeton University, NJ.

Jan 2017 – Joe is selected to attend Fundamental of Quantum Materials Winter School, University of Maryland, MD.

Dec 2016 – Javad presents an invited talk at Frontiers in Topological Superconductivity (FTSC), HI.

Oct 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Texas A & M university, physics department colloquium, TX.

Sept 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at University of Missouri, physics department colloquium, MI.

Aug 2016 – Javad presents an invited talk at Spintronics IX, SPIE, CA.

July 2016 – Lab welcomes two high school students, Brandon and Isaac, part of HSMSE program.

June 2016 – Javad motivates our research work at Air Force Young Investigators Research (YIP) program annual meeting, VA.

May 2016 – The Army Research Office (ARO) announced that it will award our lab to work on epitaxial superconductor-InAs quantum materials/devices.

March 2016 – Jesse presents his work on InAs quantum wells at American Physical Society (March meeting) in Baltimore MD.

March 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at university of Connecticut, physics department colloquium, CT.

Feb 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Topological Quantum Matter: Progress and Applications, Aspen, CO.

Feb 2016 – Javad delivers an invited talk at Purdue university, physics department colloquium, IN.

Feb 2016 – The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) announced that it will award our lab to work on superconductor-Si materials systems for quantum computation (Link)

Jan 2016 – Javad presents at Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (PCSI), Palm Springs, CA.

Jan 2016 – Javad presents at Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields (PPHMF), Tallahasse, FL.

Oct 2015 – Javad presents at National Molecular Beam Epitaxy Conference (NAMBE), Cancun, MX.

August 2015 – ShabaniLab starts.